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Theater Director Roobak Valle wants to come up with a musical about teenage pregnancy

Will the theater scene and the performing arts industry ever be the same again after the Covid-19 pandemic?  


That is the question we kept on asking ourselves and to other people for a long time now, much more at this time where the pandemic isn't over yet. But somehow, the negative thoughts subsided when we had a chance to interview veteran theater director Mr. Roobak Valle, whose natural and positive ways contradicted the possible inevitability of an artistic industry. We realized, succumbing to some negative thoughts was not healthy, after all. It simply creates fear. And interviewing director Roobak made us think that by simply fighting the odds, the will to survive can triumph.

Roobak Valle

"Instead of wallowing in self-pity, I simply tried to fight back and think of better ideas and new concepts," director Roobak said while eating a great dinner of two-piece chicken at KFC restaurant with a blogger-friend. "And then suddenly, a brilliant idea came to my mind --- an idea I have been longing to do it ever since. I want to come up with a musical play about teenage pregnancy!

Roobak Valle

"This time, I want to tie it up with the government," direk Roobak continued. "And that would be under the Population Commission branch of the government. You see, Robert, existing pa pala ang PopCom! And they are still very active in promoting population control sa mga schools, most especially in public schools. They help the young students to become aware of the effects of teenage pregnancy. Lumilibot talaga sila sa iba't ibang eskuwelahan.

Roobak Valle

"I will tie-up my musical play with LGUs (Local Government Units), and these LGUs will be the ones to sell the idea or the play to different schools located in their areas. There will be lots of mobility, and the musical will tour in many campuses.


"We are now in the research stage of the musical play, and Mr. Dustin Celestino, a friend of mine who's also an actor, is helping me out with this musical play. The musical will be under Gantimpala Theater Foundation and I feel, this musical will make GTF survive now for it's really almost bankrupt. Another person helping me out is my lead actor in Ibong Adarna in the person of BJ Forbes. He has connections with the Population Commission in their area. That's why BJ and me are always keeping in touch lately,” Mr. Roobak Valle further said.

Roobak Valle

This musical project of director Roobak is indeed something to look forward to. People in the theater industry must continue to find ways and means for it to survive. It's not all just in the ticket selling now. It goes a lot more than that. Maybe looking for sponsors, co-producers, tie-ups and events with safety protocols will matter a lot.


Right now, Mr. Valle is also the brainchild of E-ARTE MO virtual contest of Gantimpala Theater, wherein ordinary students could have the chance to showcase their acting skills in a video, and win cash prizes.


"There will be four finalists and one winner in each series," direk Roobak revealed. "We came up with the first set of finalists in series one. And now, we are preparing for the second series. The first series was the Florante Monologue, and it was well-appreciated by many. We are doing this to maintain the visibility of GTF in the viral world. When I suggested this project to Mr. Jun Pablo who's the marketing head of GTF, he at once said ‘yes’ to me. We solicited funds for the cash prizes, and so far, everything's okay."

Roobak Valle with Adriana Agcaoili

For the past 24 years now, Roobak Valle has been directing the classic play Ibong Adarna at GTF. It's included and among the four classics presented every year to private school students. But when marketing man Jun Pablo thought of not showcasing the four classics next year, Roobak Valle rejected the idea.


"I told Mr. Jun Pablo to continue presenting the four classics to the students," director Roobak said. "It's already the tradition. The young deserves to see it yearly, and in there, the Filipino culture would further sail on in the minds and hearts of every young Filipino."


Very well said, director Roobak Valle!

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