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VOLUME 1. NO. 2 | NOVEMBER 13, 2020

Be safe and keep warm from the storm! But weather aside, We're expecting to storm the Philippine cybersphere with the PPP4 FAN EXPERIENCE / MAIN FEATURES SHOWCASE OPENING SHOW on November 20, 2020, online via Zoom, exclusively for Premium Pass subscribers of PPP4. Get cozy and personal with live interviews, interactive games and gimmicks with the stars of PPP –Robin Padilla, Lea Salonga, McCoy De Leon, Alessandra de Rossi, JC Santos, Bela Padilla, Mara Lopez, Monsour del Rosario, Max Collins, and many others. Slots for the PPP FAN X / OPENING SHOW are limited so make sure to subscribe to Premium right now.
PPP opened with a spotlight on Regional Cinema and a showcase of regional short films available on the FDCP Channel for free until December 13 so make sure you check them out! On November 15th, you can join our PPP Film Talks on "Bringing Regional Stories To The Big Screen" and see how elsewhere in the PH (not just in Metro Manila), great Filipino films are being made.
Read on as we feature multi-awarded, debonair actor Christopher De Leon, and one of his films that will be screening on PPP4, the period tale of "Ganito Kami Nuon, Paano Kayo Ngayon" will take you back to a Golden Age of Philippine cinema decades ago.
Stay tuned, keep posted, and keep safe.


Philippine Regional Cinema is alive more than ever, whereas in the past, films and narratives from Manila have represented the majority of Philippine Cinema available to national audiences.
From the North Luzon Film Festival, down to the Salamindanaw Asian Film Festival, from the SINEliksik Documentary Film Festival in Bulacan and the CineKabalen Film Festival in Pampanga all the way to the Cine de Oro Film Festival in Cagayan de Oro, CineKasimanwa in Western Visayas, and more -- Regional Cinema blooms with diversity, inclusivity, and the faithful representation of our various identities as Filipinos, uniting different traditions into one national cinema. 

Catch 63 short films from 21 different regional film festivals as they are featured in this year’s PPP by logging on the FDCP Channel and subscribing for free. 

NOVEMBER 15, 2020 | SUNDAY | 4:00PM
Good films can entertain and educate people, but great films are able to root a story in a unique yet relatable perspective from the locality where it came from. This is a feat that is being accomplished by regional filmmakers of today.  This Film Talks will feature the bumper crop of regional cinema’s best to discuss the importance of championing and capturing stories and narratives from their localities and the importance and journey of getting them to the big screen. 

*Free access to all subscribers
*Streaming will also be available via PPP Facebook Page & YouTube Channel
NOVEMBER 20, 2020 | FRIDAY | 3:00PM
From PPP Fans Day to PPP Grand Fan Con, we're giving you a brand new PPP Xperience this 2020. Meet the stars of PPP4SamaAll, Enjoy throwback tunes from hit PPP films, witness a scene study between favorite PPP4 actors, and win big giveaway prizes. Only at the PPP4 FAN X. 

Director: Eddie Romero | Drama | Previously Rated PG for theatrical distribution

After his mother’s death, the simple-minded and naïve Kulas (Christopher de Leon) begins his much-awaited trip to Manila. On his way to Manila, he mindlessly takes on the mission of retrieving a friar’s son and bringing him to the friar’s residence in Manila. Kulas also meets the ambitious and aspiring actress Diding (Gloria Diaz) with whom he falls for. Upon arriving in Manila, Kulas learns of the lucrative reward he earned from the mission. With his new life, Kulas is trained by Tibor (Eddie Garcia) to be a full-pledged aristocrat: well-mannered and sophisticated. But despite the luxurious life he now leads, Kulas remains restless and discontented as he longs for nothing else but to win the heart of his beloved Diding and find his purpose in his newfound world.
Nov. 20 | 8:30 PM | Nabunturan Virtual Cinematheque
Nov. 24 | 8:00 PM | Davao Virtual Cinematheque
Dec. 2 | 6:00 PM | Manila Virtual Cinematheque
Dec. 5 | 10:00 PM | Davao Virtual Cinematheque
Dec. 6 | 6:00 PM | Iloilo Virtual Cinematheque
Dec. 13 | 10:00 PM | Iloilo Virtual Cinematheque
Award Winning Actor
  • Kulas Ocampo, his character in the film GANITO KAMI NUON, PAANO KAYO NGAYON, is very much like the local "Forrest Gump", written on film way ahead of the Forrest Gump movie.
  •  "When we filmed GANITO KAMI, I was 20 years old, I had to lose weight, and to play that innocent boy from the province, I spent days in Mahayhay, Quezon Province to learn the "puntong Quezon" so I can really get the ambience of the film's setting."
  • "I got started in showbusiness when I drove for my sister Pinky De Leon who was already doing several theater shows and films. I come from a family of actors and I often saw them at work – my dad was in Siete Infantes de Lara, my mom was played Venus in a film, my sister was doing "Lupang Hinirang" for Lea Productions, and sometimes, I did work as an extra. When my Dad learned that Lino Brocka with sir Raul Roco were doing "Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang", he told me to audition for a role. We did workshops and I was supposed to be one of the barkada of the lead guy. In the end, I was cast as the lead, Cesar Blanco Jr. in Tinimbang. I was great working with the big time actors like Hilda Koronel and Eddie Garcia!"
  •  A dream role he hasn't done – a father struggling with a highly unusual situation – like Liam Neeson in "Taken"
  • What's keeping him busy these days? After the teleserye "Love Thy Women" and the pandemic came, I spent time working on our musical "Lorenzo" (about San Lorenzo Ruiz, in collaboration with maestro Ryan Cayabyab), and we were all contemplating on how we could continue working." He says the pandemic somewhat forced the entertainment industry to strive to do things better. "Now, they have to fully finish the material first, and this allows us to memorize better, and get into it. An actor needs to prepare for his scenes and needs time to get into the story – we cannot just get a script on the day of the shoot. In a lock-in shoot where we block out all distractions, all we could do is get into our role, we are more focused so the scenes work better. Covid made us realize there is a better way to do this."

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