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THE Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra continues to render online performances through the MUSIC FOR HEALING: PPO in Quarantine Pocket Concert Series to uplift the minds and hearts of Filipinos in the midst of the quarantine period.  One of the three pocket concerts, namely, PPO in your Living Room, will be streamed on September 4, 2020 at 8pm through the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Website. 


PPO in your Living Room features the following pieces, among them, “Apres un Reve” by Gabriel Fauré to be played by Giancarlo Gonzales (Cello); “Clair De Lune” by Claude Debussy to be performed by Berny Dulce Payte (Violin); “Reverie Du Soir” by Jean Datwyler to be rendered by Ricson Poonin (Trombone) and Madeline Jane Banta (Harp); and “Clapping Music” by Steve Reich to be interpreted by Elizalde Tolentino (Percussion).


The Music for Healing: PPO in Quarantine Pocket Concert Series is an ongoing program of the PPO for July and August which can be viewed from the PPO FB page and the CCP YouTube as platforms.  Initially intended as an online music offering to Filipinos who are recuperating in their beds either from hospitals or from their own homes as therapy to aid in their total healing, it also aims to accompany the whole family in coping with the pandemic situation and the frontliners who bravely provide their services to fellow countrymen in need.


PPO in Quarantine Pocket Concert Series had its premiere on July 3, 2020, with 12 musical numbers in the playlist recorded from their homes especially intended for the sick Filipinos under PPO by your Bedside pocket.  The series continues to offer 4 numbers to be uploaded every Friday at 8pm under alternating pockets namely, PPO in the living room and PPO in the work place.

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