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FDCP’s Film Industry Conference Goes Online for 2020 Edition

MANILA, PHILIPPINES, SEPTEMBER 9, 2020 -- In keeping with an eventful September in honor of Philippine Cinema and the industry, the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) will be hosting the online edition of the Film Industry Conference (FIC) from September 11 to 15. Launched in 2017 and scheduled for its fourth edition this year, the FDCP-organized Film Industry Conference brings together several international film industry experts and stakeholders to discuss trends in the film industry through a series of public lectures and masterclasses. 


FIC Online 2020 is a major part of FDCP’s efforts in supporting the continued growth of the FIlipino filmmaking community. Through several local and international partnerships, the conference will bring in film industry experts to discuss some of the most pressing topics in filmmaking today. Such partnerships include international organizations, film festivals, and film labs such as Netflix, Full Circle Lab, Locarno Film Festival, Rotterdam Lab and more. The various FIC mentors and speakers will be presenting opportunities and platforms pertinent to Filipino producers and filmmakers, particularly those who wish to develop, produce, and distribute their projects internationally. 


FIC Online 2020 features speakers from various international programs and festivals including Locarno Open Doors and Rotterdam Lab


Dubbed FIC Online 2020, this year’s iteration of the Film Industry Conference will be conducted online and will feature eight (8) public sessions free and accessible to all, and six (6) ‘masterclasses’ which are recommended for film industry professionals and enthusiasts. As part of the program, a number of the lectures and masterclasses will tackle filmmaking topics with an eye toward the impact and consequences of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Through the online video communications platform Zoom, the public sessions will be free and accessible through online registration. 


Filipina Filmmaker Bianca Balbuena will be moderating Public Session 8 in FIC Online 2020.


The eight public sessions to be held at the conference consist of a variety of topics valuable to those wishing to work and learn more about the film industry. Aspiring or up-and-coming filmmakers, writers, directors, and film students may find these classes worthwhile. The sessions include topics such as ‘Getting into Online Film Labs,’ ‘Netflix: Showcasing The Best of Filipino Content,’ ‘Southeast Asia Co-Production Grant & Philippines’ ASEAN Co-Production Fund,’ ‘European Film Labs: Roundtable Discussion With Rotterdam Lab and Locarno Open Doors,’ and more.


FDCP Chairperson and CEO Liza Diño will be moderating a panel discussing Filipino content on Netflix.


Meanwhile, the ‘masterclasses’ provide more specific and practical knowledge about working in the industry from those who have succeeded in it. These masterclasses cover broad topics across the different sides of the film industry’s spectrum, from writing, editing, production, and more. They are particularly recommended for film industry professionals and enthusiasts wishing to advance in their field and film industry knowledge. 


The six masterclasses offered in Film Industry Conference 2020 are ‘Editing During Quarantine,’ ‘Filmmakers Guide to Film Distribution,’ ‘Financing Your Film and Getting a Co-production on Lockdown,’ ‘Writing During Quarantine,’ ‘Pitching Your Project Virtually,’ and ‘The Success of Marketing Distribution of Genre Films.’ They will be available for between PHP 800 to 1,000 PHP per class or for a bundle of PHP 5,000 for premium access to all masterclasses.


FIC Online 2020 features a panel discussing filmmaking in Southeast Asia.


FDCP Chairperson and CEO Liza Diño spoke about the Film Industry Conference continuing with an online edition for 2020 and said, “Since its launch in 2017, the Film Industry Conference has been an integral part of FDCP’s support of Filipino filmmaking. Through the conference, we are able to bring knowledgeable and successful figures in the film industry who in turn share their expertise to the public, and help build the filmmaking community in the Philippines. Such knowledge only helps Philippine cinema as it continues to evolve and improve in different areas.”


“We are particularly excited about FIC Online 2020 because, despite the challenges we face in light of a global pandemic, we will nonetheless be able to push through and provide a platform for the conference speakers to share their knowledge Filipino filmmakers and film enthusiasts. The conference, moreover, will hold discussions on topics relevant today, as the Philippine film industry continues to respond, recover, and grow in response to the impact caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.”


The masterclasses in FIC Online 2020 feature relevant topics today, such as 'Composing With Constraints: Editing During Quarantine.'


Film Industry Conference 2020 is held in partnership with Full Circle Lab, whose mentors will also be leading different sessions during the conference. The conference precedes the three week online film lab which is scheduled to take place from September 15 to 30.


See the official conference schedule below.


To register, go to www.fdcp.ph/fic




DAY 1 | September 11, 2020 (Friday)


Opening Ceremony of Film Industry Conference 2020 & Full Circle Lab Online Philippines 2020 

A virtual gathering of FDCP, Full Circle Lab heads, mentors, and all lab participants for the kick off of the Full Circle Lab Philippines and FDCP Film Industry Conference to an online platform this year.  This online event will be streamed via FDCP Facebook Page and Youtube Channel.

DAY 2 | September 12, 2020 (Saturday)



Masterclass 1: Writing During Quarantine 

Mentor: Ayman El Amir | Script Consultant and Producer

Being stuck at home on a lockdown and with all the various occurrences in the world, writers must take this advantage of releasing their emotions, and creative juices through writing and finding an opportunity amid the difficulty. This session will immerse through the creative process and the challenges in screenwriting during quarantine. 



Session 1: Getting into Online Film Labs

Speaker: Aleksandra Swierk | Writer & Script Consultant

Film labs give platforms to producers and filmmakers to workshop and elevate their projects in development. This talk will introduce the available international film labs that filmmakers and producers can take advantage of and how to get with the available online tools and platforms. 



Session 2: ASEAN Talents On Spotlight: From Southeast Asia to the World 


Sheron Dayoc | Director & Producer

Weijie Lai | Producer & Programmer

Si En Tan | Producer

Nicole Woodford | Director, Writer, Editor

Moderator: Raymond Phathanavirangoon | Executive Director, SEAFIC Lab 

In the new age of global collaborations, the Asian region is rising as the next filming hub in the world. Filled with stories that resonate to a wider global audience, we discover the journey of emerging ASEAN talents from how they started with their local and unique stories to global screens and how their plans are shifting in the time of pandemic. 


8:00PM - 9:10PM

Masterclass 2: Filmmakers’ Guide to Film Distribution

Mentor: Isabelle Glachant | Producer

Moderator: Raymond Phathanavirangoon | Executive Director, SEAFIC Lab 

Finding the distribution platforms for your films is integral to the whole process of filmmaking.  Understand the ins and outs of distribution from a producer’s point of view and explore what it takes to get your project in front of an audience including festival strategy, film market opportunities, and building a good relationship with sales agents.


DAY 3 | September 13, 2020 (Sunday)



Masterclass 3: Composing with Constraints: Editing During Quarantine

Mentor: Benjamin Mirguet | Editor

With most film production people working remotely and virtually, it’s a great time to elevate your projects and develop your editing skills at home. This masterclass will help you assess your films and improve its creative potential in post-production.



Masterclass 4:  Financing Your Film and Getting a Co-Production on a Lockdown

Speaker: Meiske Taurisia | Producer

International collaboration is important and elevates a project in terms of narrative and quality. . During these novel times, how can we move ahead with co-productions? We will delve into the opportunities and challenges of getting financial grants, partnerships, entering into a co-production, and more. 



Session 3: The Role of Film Commissions in Supporting ASEAN Industries


Liza Dino (Philippines) | Chairperson and CEO, Film Development Council Philippines 

Joachim Ng (Singapore) | Director, Infocomm Media Development Authority - Singapore Film Commission

Ahmad Idham Ahmad Nadzri, Chief Executive Officer  - National Film Development Corporation Malaysia 

Seok Geun Oh (Korea) | Chairperson, Korean Film Council

Moderator: Lorna Tee | Producer, Co-Founder of Festival Management, International Film Festival Macao

The current pandemic of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has halted indefinitely the film production shoots, film festivals and markets, and even led to the closure of cinemas. The impact to the projects, businesses, and employment has severely affected the industry. Given these unprecedented challenges, we will explore how film commissions and government agencies around ASEAN are supporting their respective industries in their country to survive and thrive during the pandemic. 


DAY 4 | September 14, 2020 (Monday)



Session 4: Packaging an Animation Project for the International Market + Case Study

Speaker: Juraj Krasnohorsky | Producer 

Recently many pitching platforms shifted to online presentations, which opens up for creative opportunities especially for animated projects, that can rely on strong visuals and animation for their presentation. This session will explain how to prepare your original project ideas and IPs in different stages of development for a presentation on the international market for financing, co-production or marketing purposes.



Masterclass 5: Pitching Your Project Virtually

Mentor: Naomi Levari | Producer, Script Editor

As the film festivals and markets migrate their programs virtually, producers and filmmakers adapt to the new normal by pitching their projects to potential financiers, co-producers, distributors, etc online. This session will give us the sneak peek into the tips in best practices and whatnots in pitching virtually.



Session 5: An Exclusive Session with Netflix: Showcasing The Best of Filipino Content


Raphael Phang | Content Acquisitions Lead, Netflix

Jun Lana | Director & Producer

Perci Intalan | Director & Producer

Moderator: Liza Dino | Chairperson and CEO, Film Development Council Philippines

This year, Netflix, the largest streaming service platform in the world has been acquiring more Filipino content which opens up more distributing opportunities for our filmmakers and producers. In this session, understand Netflix's successful commitment to their continuous investment in Filipino films and how they work with Filipino creators and distributors.  We learn from their Content Acquisitions Lead and Filipino filmmakers who have been collaborating with the streaming giant for years.



Masterclass 6: The Success of Marketing & Distribution of Genre Films

Mentor: Michelangelo Masangkay | General Manager, Raven Banner Entertainment

In this age, action films, horror films, and genre films in general especially coming from Asia are the most sellable global content. Learn how your genre films fit into the marketplace, and what practical things you can do to ensure a greater chance of success. This masterclass aims to scrutinize how your next genre film can penetrate international marketplaces.


DAY 5 | September 15, 2020 (Tuesday)


Session 6: Backstage Access: How Are Film Festivals Migrating Virtually?


Madonna Tarrayo | Festival Director, Cine Filipino 

Chris Millado | Vice President and Artistic Director, Cultural Center of the Philippines - Cinemalaya

Liza Dino | Chairperson & CEO, Film Development Council of the Philippines - Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino

Ed Lejano | Festival Director, QCinema International Film Festival

Moderator: Elvert Banares

The pandemic necessitated the cancellation of live events and physical mass gatherings across the world, film festivals and markets including the major festivals and the independent ones have initiated to migrate their programs virtually. Let’s analyze the transitions made from an actual live event to a virtual event from the process, changes, successes, noteworthy lessons learned, and the future of the Philippine film festivals from our very own local film festivals.



Session 7: Southeast Asia Co-Production Grant & Philippines’ ASEAN Co-Production Fund 


Agathe Vinson | Technical Consultant, Film Philippines

Cynthia Chong | Deputy Director, Infocomm Media Development Authority - Singapore Film Commission

Moderator: Alemberg Ang | Producer

One of the key strategies to championing and keeping the integrity of regional content is to also create funds that filmmakers can access regionally. With pioneer countries like Singapore and the Philippines creating regional funds and funding mechanisms to encourage regional co-productions with Southeast Asian filmmakers.



Session 8: European Film Labs: Roundtable Discussion with Rotterdam Lab and Locarno Open Doors Program


Sophie Bourdon | Head, Locarno Open Doors

Paolo Bertolin | Consultant, Locarno Open Doors

Alessia Acone | Coordinator, Rotterdam Lab

Inke Van Loocke | Manager, Rotterdam Lab 

Moderator: Bianca Balbuena | Producer

Film labs are intensive training programs that allow producers and filmmakers to explore and improve their stories and projects in development. This also serves an opportunity to network and colleagues meet mentors from the industry to partner with in the future. This panel introduces two of the most important Labs in the world that are championing Southeast Asian content, the Locarno Open Doors and Rotterdam Lab filmmakers can apply and take advantage of.

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