Karisma Romea

Aspirant Writer/Blogger, Former Student Journalist

Writer, Blogger

Karisma Romea is a licensed nurse by profession registered both in the Philippines and in Australia. Though inclined to a noble and selfless career, she is also a budding writer by heart. She was a former student journalist way back her younger years specializing in both news and feature writings. She was able to garner awards in inter-school journalism conferences under several categories such as news writing, feature writing and copy reading and headline writing in both division and regional levels. It was quite difficult for her to juggle her passion for writing and her nursing course whilst in the university. Since then, she opted to lie low on the pen to pursue the call in caring for the sick.

However, writing has always been in her bloodline and no matter how things may get, she has always been led back to her first love — writing. Time-to-time, she has been commissioned by friends for some writing opportunities, mostly focused on academic writings. Now, she is giving herself a try back into the scribbling world to share the little of what she has to make an impact to her readers one article at a time.