About Us

Registered in the United Kingdom, FilCASPro.com was initially conceptualized by filmmaker/documentarist Jowee Morel in 2012 as a communication channel for Filipino artists in the worldwide web.


The artists directory FilCASTPro.com (Filipino Casting Professionals Directory) and FilCREWPro.com (Filipino Crew Professionals Directory) went live in 2014 only for a year. There were two directories separating CAST from CREW. These were integrated in 2018 in www.filcaspro.com (Filipino Creative Artists Skilled Professionals) with extra features like articles, writers and press relation managers directory, feature articles and businesses directory.


The people behind www.filcaspro.com are – Jowee Morel (Chief Executive Officer), Boy Villasanta (Chief Operational Officer), Omer Oscar Almenario (Chief Press Officer), Chloris Bolivar Flint (Chief Financial Officer), Jantinn Erezo (Chief Development Officer)


Mission: To promote and highlight various artists and their works worldwide.


Vision: A place where artists showcase their works and talents. A venue where artists are promoted.


A place where everyone knows where to go when they want to discover “What’s Up?” “What’s On,” “What’s In” and “Who is the right one for the right project.”    


Promoting Filipino Artists Worldwide!!!


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