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Without Adriana Agcaoili, theater world will never be the same again

She has played in Shakespearean theater presentations. She was featured with Lamberto Avellana, Jose Mari Avellana, Daisy Hawkins Avellana, Miguyel Faustmann, Jonas Sebastian, Bart Guingona, and many more distinguished local theatre icons. Not strage. Her parents were great literary giants, Ms. Ophelia San Juan and T.D. Agcaoili.  Her godfather was the National Artist Nick Joaquin. And the passion stays. Her dedication to the world of performing arts continued, and further sailed on.  


She's Ms. Adriana Agcaoili, one of the many excellent thespians of the theater world in terms of prestige, class, grace and style. Continue 


"When I did the role of Ophelia, Jose Mari Avellana was my Hamlet then," Adriana recalled. "And when I played the role of Lady Macbeth, Miguel Faustmann was Macbeth. And to add, when I played the character of Lady Olivia, Bart Guingona was my Julius Caesar. I also played Viola in the Twelfth Night."



But there were many more untold stories about Adriana. As I continued my interview, I noticed she was so breathless as she talked about the legitimate and elite theater productions in which she had participated in the past. Her eyes glittered, showing the glory of Shakespearean theatre arts. Yes, she’s an actress who added prestige and awesomeness to stage plays.


But there was a better turn in Adriana's career when she appeared in the play “Romeo and Juliet” by Gantimpala Theater Productions in 2007. Her sophisticated image overwhelmed the admiration of students from private and public schools who embraced her as the modern-day Juliet. She then became more reachable and popular to the young audience. She was even featured in the "bakya" tabloid newspapers and gained media hype.



"It was indeed fun, a very worthwhile experience for me in the theater field," quipped Adriana. "Our director of the play Romeo and Juliet was Jun Pablo, and he's so jolly to be with, very easy to work with, too. And my leading man there who portrayed Romeo was Lance Raymundo. We had so much good chemistry together that the students really loved watching us perform on stage. That play was also one of the most successful plays of Gantimpala Theater."



Now, Adriana is still very active visible in the theater scene. Just recently, she performed among other veteran and respected theater artists in an online concert entitled Classics at the Time of the Corona.


"If you did watch our concert online, you would notice and feel that all of us were so eager to perform again and the passion deep within us all continues to ignite, whether or not it's the time of the pandemic," Adriana said. "I am still not so certain now on what to say about the future of theater after the pandemic. But we are all keeping our fingers crossed. This, too, shall pass."


Adriana is also deeply involved in the events scene. 


"But I can say, it's not so much alive these days because for the past seven months, I only had three events so far and that's even so limited in its functions because of the safety health protocols," she pointed out. "I am not the right person to talk about the plans of the events industry now. There are assigned spokespersons for that and one of them is director Dennis Marasigan. But we will fight and go on."



Ms. Adriana Agcaoili. The name spells that way and sounds very familiar in theater arts. Without her, the theater world will  never be the same again.


Please stay with us, Adriana.

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