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What’s in store for us in the Year of the Metal Rat from the Cultural Center of the Philippines?

Artist and educator Chris Millado loves the arts so much he does everything to bring them to the masses and the cross-sections of society.

Review his past and everything will reveal about his passion and commitment to humanities. In between his teaching arts and letters he is a dedicated theater artist. He has written many stage plays many of them were performed in various stages like the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA), Bantayog ng mga Bayani Hall etc. with masterpieces, namely, “Buwan at Baril,” “Misererenobis” etc. He has also written many essays on literature and the performing arts.

Chris’ zeal in arts and culture has intensified when he joined the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) especially when he was appointed Vice President and Artistic Director of the state agency.


One of the significant achievements Millado has contributed to the growth and development of arts and culture in the country is the showcasing of mostly homegrown productions at the CCP and its regional outlets. Chris even goes to the grassroots whenever a CCP-related works are mounted. Take the case of the screening of the 2019 Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival entry “John Denver Trending” which was shown in the town plaza of Pandan, Antique. The movie was an acclaimed project conceived and shot in the community so that it was very dear to the hearts of its residents. Millado campaigned for the film in his capacity as a technocrat and as an artist.

When the CCP resident, premier and iconic orchestra of the country, the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra (PPO) performed at the Mount Makiling’s National Arts Center in Los Baños, Laguna at the annual PPO Sunsets at Makiling, Chris was around to lend moral support to the group.

What more if Millado runs and supervises all the programs of the CCP.

In the coming 2020, the Year of the Metal Rat, Chris has laid out the various projects in all the arts.

At the recent launch of his announcement at the Tanghalang Huseng Batute, the theater meant for the showing of Tanghalang Pilipino (TP)’s in-house productions, Millado was excited and honored to share to the public the rundown of CCP events next year.

“This is not complete but you can at least have an idea of what to expect and what is shaping up,” he said.

In an intimate gathering of the press and multimedia artists, the hall of TP was surrounded with high tech gadgets like TV screens separately showing colorful productions of the CCP from visual arts to dance, from theater performances to film, from music to architecture, from installation arts to collection and reading of poetry etc. The design of the theater was also accentuated with bright and rubberized sets of couches where the media people sat courtesy of Sixinch Philippines. Meanwhile, the various heads and staff of the CCP hierarchy occupied the gallery. However demarcated, there was interactive and mutual feeling of respect and admiration between the media and the CCP as a government org.

It was a combined force of the CCP workforce and the press to introduce the series of 2020 season to start in January. What the creative and managerial personnel of the agency have been doing and preparing for next year’s showcases were anticipated by the multimedia writers to disseminate to the public that has been craving for the exciting and interesting artistic projects to patronize.

First off, Chris reoriented the members of the press with the work background of each department. That’s how emphatic Millado was in dealing with the artisans and managers under his helm. Each division is specialized in its duties and responsibilities to subscribe to the mission and vision of the Center.


One of the highlights, though, of the confab was to announce the retirement of one of the most admired and ingenious media specialist Irene Obligacion-Rada, the head of the Corporate Communications of CCP who has seen the many game-changing events in the institution. It was a fitting tribute to Irene who has given her whole person, risked even her life and limb in many occasions and sacrificed a lot for the mediation of her public information drive and the Center’s numerous artistic and cultural events.

The eclectic mix of entertainment, culture and lifestyle press that afternoon was a testament of Obligacion-Rada’s power to draw in and sustain her drumbeating prowess after all these more than forty years of mass communications.



It was sweet of the CCP and Chris to have given Irene the send-off gig she deserved even if he was egged on to call in Irene and the entire publicity people under her wings earlier. It turned out Millado had an extra special way of calling in Irene and her indefatigable team.

Obviously, Irene was well-loved by her peers in the Center. One particular event she was part of that she would relish is the festival of online activities like uploading CCP-related interviews and events on cyber, producing shows on the internet and other new media approaches to highlight the Center.

Next year, too, she would surely miss the different and novel projects like the launch of video mapping of all structures of the CCP. The multicolored graphics and the highly digitalized presentations of the elements in and out of CCP in computer-generated stylistics would speak of the wonder of arts and technology.

Millado said that the three most visited main courses at CPP, namely Pasinaya—a festival of multi-arts in the entire country—which coincided with the celebration of National Arts Month in February; VirginLabfest—a theater fest on the unproduced, untried, unstaged, untested and unpublished stage plays—which has endured the test of time of the struggles in the theater community come July and August and Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival—a cornucopia of outstanding Filipino cinema expressed in free and bold articulation of fresh ideas and done with integral artistry—would be sixteen years old in August would be more fascinating and challenging both for the artists and the audience. Each of the showcases would merit the attention of the crowd to elevate the artistic consciousness of our people.

Outreach programs in many regions from Aparri to Jolo would be more interactive and community-inspired.

“We want to enjoin all Filipinos in the enhancement and advancement of the arts and culture of the country for our growth and development as a nation,” said Chris.    




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