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Sophie Reyes: The Great Granddaughter of a Philippine Cinema Icon also Glows

Sophie Reyes

Sophie Reyes, a newly signed up talent of ABS-CBN’s Star Magic, is indeed lucky to be the great granddaughter of one of Philippine cinema icons, the late Paraluman.

Paraluman, Sigrid Sophia Agatha von Giese in real life, the quintessential beauty in her reign as an actress, was gifted with beautiful genes and social grace so that the generations to come like her daughter, TV star Baby O’Brien and her granddaughter, the award-winning actress Rina Reyes are all endowed with such charm and comeliness.

No wonder the German blood in Paraluman is mixed with the Filipino ancestry—the result, a lovely mestiza.  

Sophie Reyes, Baby O’Brien, Rina Reyes

Sophie, the fourth gen of Paraluman, is also bequeathed of pulchritude and charisma. Being a grandkid of Baby, Sophie is as smart as her grandma who I caught her addressing “Babes.” It’s an expression, a casual address in a modern bonding between a grandchild and a grannie. I supposed it’s a millennial sense of filial camaraderie. “Oh! ‘Babes is such a wonderful person’,” the young girl complimented.

Rina Reyes

Sophie’s mom Rina is eternal in her beauty as well as her daughter.

That’s why Star Magic didn’t hesitate to sign up Sophie to star in the days to come in many shows in ABS-CBN and movies in Star Cinema. It has already a prized possession this early.

“I am not in a hurry,” confessed Sophie whose former screen name was Sofia Reyes. “I had to change it for convenience,” said Rina who loves her kid so much she would do anything to make her happy. Sophie has a younger sister who has also endeared too much to her mom.

Rina Reyes

Right after the death of Rina’s husband before the dawn of the millennium, she had moved heaven and earth for her children. Of course, Rina wasn’t alone. Mom Baby was well around comforting her.

Although at the time of the tragedy, Paraluman was still alive, the great matriarch was beginning to engage into some health issues but they were tolerable. She was still a doting grandma and great grandma to Rina and Sophie. Despite them, life went on regularly for Paraluman. Even before Rina became a big star and way, way before Sophie was born she was still doing films with the current crop of stars at the time like Sharon Cuneta and Christopher de Leon in “Kailan Sasabihing Mahal Kita.” The Paraluman beauty didn’t fade away. Philippine society was agog about her some of its enterprising citizens would adapt her name in their businesses. One of them is the naming of a girlie pub somewhere in Sta. Mesa, Manila, Paraluman.

Later, the entertainment world would be informed that she was suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Sophie Reyes

“I was lucky that as a little girl I would still see my famous great grandma. Even in her old age, Paraluman was beautiful,” recalled Sophie.

The young Reyes is until this very moment proud of her great grandma who was mentioned in a song many young people, especially the millennials, would hum or even sing along with. In the iconic signature release of Eraserheads, “Ang Huling El Bimbo,” Paraluman was alluded to in one line of the song as a symbol of beauty.

“I am happy whenever I listen to that song that Paraluman, my great grandma is part of. Who would ever drop her name just like that in a famous song? It really meant something else,” Sophie wondered. 

Sophie Reyes

Come to think of it, it would mean Paraluman’s beauty is classic. The milieu when the song was written and set to music was a reflection of the temperament of the musical artist to embrace the relevance of the movie queen in the now immortal ditty.

Not surprisingly, Sophie’s following in the footsteps of her great grandma is a conscious effort to relive the legacy of her greatest kin.

She’s indeed keen on making it big in the biz.

Sophie Reyes

Her beauty is distinct from her elders, an advantage in show biz where separate identity is a plus factor. Sophie will definitely shine on her own with the support of her loved ones. As a matter of fact, Rina does her share in looking for opportunities for her daughter. One of them is calling friends for available openings like auditions.

It’s like a repeat of history when Paraluman was the one seeking out auditions for Rina in musical theaters in the past.

I recall what Reyes told me in an interview. According to her, she called director, actor and artisan Dennis Marasigan if there were available auditions Sophie could try on in theater productions. It was like a random checking, taking chances. Although it turned out it was the mother who was culled to do a major role in the farce “Baka Naman Hindi,” it was an honest-to-goodness presentation of the daughter to show biz.  

Sophie Reyes

After finishing a multimedia course at the College of Saint Benilde of the De La Salle University, Sophie went into her own independent media work. Aside from helping her mom managing the family business, she maintains her own blog. At the same time, she is part of Viva Entertainment’s social media network dong stories for the major communications company.

Sophie lives with her mom in their modest and cozy house in Parañaque City where love reigns. One can feel it whenever one pays these lovely people a visit.

Sophie Reyes

Family is a priority for Sophie. You can see it when she moves around the house. Whenever Rina is busy buried in her business paper works, she is at her beck and call. She wants people especially the guests to feel at home as she gives her smiles away most of the time. In other words, she represents her familial kindness.

As the eldest, she sees to it that she is the model type to her sibling who’s into the demands of a college education. She functions as an adviser to her sis as long as her young wisdom can stretch out to her concerns.

Sophie Reyes

She is an encompassing person.

Yes, Sophie will never go wrong as she has all the aces up her sleeves.  


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