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"Sinag" is Filipinos light of Pride at the Cultural Center of the Philippines

Photographed by Carl Llanto

  Emcee of “Sinag; Festival of Radiance” opens up the show

When it rains it certainly pours! Mother Nature showed us what she can do before the Cultural Center of the Philippines production for the “Sinag Festival” opening performance.

The members of the production team being acknowledged

“Pride” is what I felt. I felt so proud to have these high-caliber people manning our cultural center. It was a very entertaining evening filled with the visually and culturally enriching show. I haven’t seen the lawn of the CCP looking so dramatic and amazing as it was.


 Each member of the production team led by CCP Vice President and Artistic

Director Chris Millado (third from right) raised each other’s arms with pride

The atmosphere was initially filled with anticipation and worry because of the earlier rain. Even though the management came prepared with raincoats for everyone, we wanted to see the show not wearing them. Our wish was granted, the rain stopped, the music started and the show opened. Colorful lights filled the front lawn as the beautiful music reverberated around us. The majority made sure that they were recording everything on their cellphones.


A colorful landscape of the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ lawn

There were goosebumps and tearful times as I watched them display their creativity. I felt so lucky to witness the first performance on the front lawn of the Cultural Center of The Philippines.

 The CCP façade is like a canvas

Carefully planned and professionally executed by the whole production team, the night became a very memorable evening for me. I turned around to the people next to me and we smiled with satisfaction. I did not mind the rain after seeing the whole show. My wet shoes are nothing to what I saw. CCP I am so proud of you. 

The baybayin, the Filipino ancient script is the motif of the translation of the classic

art precept “the true, the good and the beautiful”

Sinag will run until January 5, 2020, except Mondays and during inclement weather.  

The ramp of the CCP is being radiated with the Sinag festivity

When there is an event at the Main Theater, Sinag showtimes are at 6 pm and 7 pm. 

The fountain dances with the colorful lights

Sinag: Festival of Radiance is part of the CCP's 50th-anniversary celebration. 

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