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One Plastic at a Time

Today, I went to the mall and bought a gift for Father's Day since it will be this Sunday. To my surprise, my purchased item was sealed inside a paper bag. I asked the saleslady why the change and she answered me without any hesitation that they already ran out of stock for plastic bags. I readily realized the recent city ordinance regarding the banned use of plastics. Then, I had a sigh of relief.

Finally, we are now taking part of preserving the environment. My faith in humanity has been restored! This little act of change will hopefully bring us far enough.

Lightweight, durable and malleable, plastics are commonly used in thousands of products that we consume every day. They provide us comfort and convenience. They have been a great part of our lives already; and even in our planet as well. Without any doubt, plastics are very functional today - may it be at home, in the office, in hospitals, in schools, everywhere! They are all over. We have been very dependent on them and now, unknowingly, we are slowly drowning them.

River banks and seashores are lined with plastic bottles and wrappers. Flower gardens and parks have been dressed with synthetic picnic essentials. News have been telling us of whales dying because of ingestion of plastics or turtle shells being deformed because of being trapped inside such polymeric materials. Plastics, just like anything else in the world, have been beneficial to us yet detrimental at the same time.

Plastic products are known to be disposable yet they pollute the environment. Grocery stores and malls have been eyed as culprits for their one-time use of plastic bags which immensely add up to the bulk of non-biodegradable load in dumpsites.

Today, this issue has been addressed accordingly since it has contributed to the radical shift of the earth's climate as its result. There is no question of its usability because plastics have undeniably been very useful to us. However, the problem lies on its consumption and disposal.

As a result, many localities are practicing the banned use of plastics and promoting eco-friendly items which can replace cellophanes without compromising the convenience and functionality to its users. To name a few of these items are eco bags for shopping, wood or metal straws for drinking and other reusable plastic containers for take-out food. These may seem insignificant to many but these little steps of change may greatly impact the world we are living in.

If this can be practiced in our city, there is no reason that this cannot be implemented in your place, too! It will only require one step, one move and one initiative. Go an extra mile and bring your own reusable stuff to save yourself and your cupboard from loads of cellophane bags from your grocery shopping spree! By that, you are saving the world one plastic bag at a time.

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