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Nora Aunor prays her new movie project "Henerala Salud" starts shooting, says Delia Landagan

Nora Aunor and Delia Landagan

Even though Ms. Delia Landagan (a childhood friend of this blogger) admits it or not, she's quite hurt by current criticisms and bad words being hurled against her nowadays after she became Ms. Nora Aunor's closest ally and confidante.


"It just happened naturally," Delia confided to me. "My idol Nora Aunor started calling me up every day on my FB messenger, and sometimes on Skype. Those video calls made us closer to each day by day. It started early this year and until now. Almost every day, my idol calls me up before I start going to my office here in Japan. She would call me first. And I am so happy every time she does that.

Young Nora Aunor

"But I never realized that Nora Aunor's closeness to me will create a stir and the ire of some of her friends and co-fans," Delia confessed. "Some co-fans of mine revealed that I am being envied and criticized when they knew that Nora calls me up every day. I simply shrugged off my shoulders when I learned it's true. Their criticisms will not destroy my friendship with Nora. We are both Bicolanas, and I am planning to return home soon to be with her, right after the pandemic."

Delia Landagan having meal in Japan

A blogger wanted the issue to be out and over, so he simply asked Delia what's the latest about Nora nowadays?


"She's so excited and optimistic about her new film project Henerala Salud, Delia answered. "My idol prays that the movie starts shooting soon. How she loves the project. By nature, my idol is a very nationalistic individual, and movies like this one that presents the life of a real heroine invokes more of her passion to act. So whenever Nora and I talk over at those video calls at FB, we just pray together and ask God to make that dream movie of her come true."

Young Delia Landagan

Right now, according to Delia, the Superstar is preparing much for the character of Henerala Salud, the life of an anti-American heroine during the American occupation in the Philippines. Nora is keeping herself physically strong and mentally postive before the shooting starts. The Covid-19 pandemic made Nora more of a fighter and a worker.


"She never stops doing something worthwhile every day," Delia told this blogger. "She's so inspiring, caring and loving. I am so happy to be her closest friend."


Keep it up, Ms. Delia Landagan!

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