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Melysa Aldiano: Another taste of freedom, responsibility and escapade in Europe



Third of a series


After working as a caregiver to her most memorable receiver, Filipina Melysa Aldiano was hired as a waitress in a restaurant in the place called Saalbach-Ginterglemm located in the very verdant town of Salzbury. “It’s a famous town,” informed Melysa. “And the restaurant was and still is a famous one.”

Why can’t it be a famous and memorable town when it was the same place where the film “The Sound of Music” was set? The musical which starred Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer was based on the book “The Story of the Trapp Family Singers.” It was about a young Austrian postulant in Salzbury who was sent to the villa of a retired naval officer and widower to be governess to his seven children. After bringing love and music into the lives of the family, the postulant married the officer.

Salzbury, according to Melysa, is a ski village. “Austria is a land of mountains, so actually there are lots of ski villages and towns,” she said.

Salzbury as Melysa has reminded us was the birthplace of the world-renowned classic musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The Aldiano lady lived in Tyrol—where the unforgettable story of her life with Hans unfolded and ended—for three years and in Salzbury for six years.

Although there were still scars in her heart and pains in her mind brought about by her past experiences both local and homeland, she was able to put up with them like when she accidentally overheard her dad blaming her for a lost opportunity by leaving Hans Kinigadner. “I heard it with my own two ears. I was talking to my mom on an overseas phone call one day. My dad was even pushing me to the wall. He was like throwing me to the pit of hell. He said that I shouldn’t have left Hans and married him instead. Because I told them what was happening then. My dad was like a pimp,” Melysa recollected.

She had to go on, though. It was her life that was at stake and nothing more. She was alone in Austria battling her own wars and her dad, she said to herself, didn’t even know the real score about Hans. “He didn’t even respect my feelings. I was her daughter so I thought he would even protect me even if I was miles away,” she sighed but with relief.

It was in Salzbury where Melysa met the future father of her eldest son, Daniel. She was in a disco when she bumped into a lovely gentleman named Davy who was vacationing and skiing in the village.

“Vacation lang si Davy doon (was only a vacation there). Dito kasi, mahilig mag-vacay ang mga tao (People here take a vacation) for one, two, or three weeks,” she informed.

Melysa and Davy fell in love with each other. The guy went back and forth to Austria.

Soon after, they got married and Melysa moved to Belgium in 2006. “These all within two years and I got pregnant as well with Daniel,” she shared. Daniel definitely is a Belgian who was born in 2008.

In Belgium, Melysa went to school in a span of two years. “I studied languages such as Dutch for four months, then, basic French and Spanish. I also studied administration works, massages, and basic marketing,” she said.

While Davy was working for his beloved and their firstborn Melysa was also sharing her sweat and blood-earning keeps for them as well.

In 2009, Melysa worked as a supervisor of an amusement park in Belgium.

She was a diligent manager who was able to raise a considerable number of guests and leisure seekers to enjoy the playground. She was a perfect hostess for ten years.

During her stint with the park, she was a renewed person after the traumatic experience she had as a caregiver.

Another time had come, another hope had pinned.

She continued her work like a peacock if not a pig in the park. She had to send money to her family primarily for the schooling of her siblings. “I promised to myself that I would give my family the best in life,” she quipped.

Austria and the larger continent of Europe was such an opportunity for Melysa. “The mere fact that I traveled and built my life here in Europe was beyond my awareness at that time. I haven’t planned it actually, it simply happened to me, I presumed. I believed too, that this has occurred to me for a greater reason, for a bigger cause,” she now realized philosophically.

Love, meanwhile, Melysa was a matter of acceptance of reality. She enjoyed it while it lasted. In 2013 she and Davy got divorced. “I think we just both fell out of love,” she admitted without batting an eyelash.

It was a peaceful letting go of each other. It was a coexistence type of a relationship between Davy and Melysa later. They parted with the most understanding sense between them. “Davy and I were married for five long years,” she said. Those years were indeed memorable for a lot of reasons people in love felt.

In the same year, Melysa met the new man in her life, Marc. “And how I met Marc? He was my dance partner, the time I attended Salsa Latin lessons,” she narrated.

Melysa gave birth to Aurora-Victoria, now a smart and charming little girl. “Davey and I were together for nine years and Marc and me now almost eight years but my relationship with Marc is so much different which I can only be grateful for.”

“I know that my story will impact many lives and give them the light to look for themselves and purpose as well, that no matter how hard your past is, there’s always light and that your past will be the catalysts of who and what you will become,” Melysa beamed.

How would she impart her other narratives into a book which she already did in her first work, “She is Magic, Too” and in the second one, “She is Magic, Always”? (To be continued)








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