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Marriage is not yet a priority at this time for both of us --- Adriana Agcaoili

'Both of us are happy simply by being together and talking for hours and hours," Adriana Agcaoili said regarding her relationship with actor Lloyd Samartino. "And for both of us, this is the perfect time to be together again because we both have matured a lot. But if you ask about marriage, I guess, all I can say is, it's not yet a priority for both Lloyd and me. We're still both enjoying the phase."


Maybe both Adriana and Lloyd are still recuperating from old wounds from the past. Lloyd lost a wife from cancer disease and Adriana suffered from a broken marriage. We can never rush them to jump back again to a marriage again this time because being together is all that matters.



Adriana is very busy now in doing her little efforts for the survival of the Events industry. And Lloyd is also very busy now in his business. 


"He supports me a lot in my career and I, in turn, also support him a great deal in his business career," Adriana said. She continued. "His sweetness magnifies me and I really couldn't ask for more from him. I would be surprised that he would deliver to me food, pastries, seafood dishes from time to time. Those little things make our relationship better and stronger. Lloyd is a very sincere guy."



They are a perfect pair. A theater icon in the person of Adriana, and heartthrob in the '80's and '90's in the person of Lloyd. They fell in love then and they fell in love again the second time around when Lloyd returned to the country in 2017 and his relationship with Adriana blossomed anew.


"Starting 2017, we never lost touch again," Adriana revealed. "They say that love is lovelier the second time around. Now I agree to that."


Indeed, love makes the world go round.


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