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Joseph Estrada still helps and supports Mowelfund from time to time --- Rez Cortez

Visiting the new and glossy building of the Mowelfund Film Institute at Ilang-Ilang St., near E. Rodriguez Avenue, was such a delight. Upon the invitation of the new Mowelfund head in the person of veteran character actor Rez Cortez, the experience was so lasting, embracing and educational. 


Mr. Cortez provided many information and beneficial know-hows to us as being a part of the Movie and Entertainment industry  that could, somehow, help us through alongside with our fellow peers in the industry in times of emergency.



"You must now become a member of the Mowelfund", Rez told a blogger. "I will make you become an honorary member just like your late father. So that whatever happens to you, Mowelfund can help and provide some cash assistance- for your medical needs and if ever you die, your beneficiary can receive a certain amount. That's what MOWELFUND has been doing for so many years now to a lot of movie workers."


Two charming secretaries showed us some records of it all. That indeed, our late father left something to our mom when he died. And we saw our mom's signature there and she received a very reasonable amount of cash assistance being my dad's beneficiary. It really made us feel good. That in an industry like this one, people still do CARE. A private institution like MOWELFUND has helped us all through. Eligible 


"I am now thinking of including other small workers of the movie and entertainment industry as eligible to become members of Mowelfund," Rez revealed. "Like ordinary technicians, gaffers, soundmen, lighting men, makeup artists, utility people, and the likes I believe they also deserve to become members. Before, they're not qualified. But now, in my leadership, I will do my best to include them because in times of emergencies, they all need some loving care, too."



Mowelfund is very low-key in helping, and also very cool in functioning as an institution. But it has survived throughout the years for some people continue to help, support and lend a hand.


"Joseph Estrada, the man who put up Mowelfund right from the very start, still helps and supports the Mowelfund from time to time," said Rez. "Every time we need his help, he's always there. Pero hindi na siya nakikialam sa anumang mga decision-making, basta tumutulong lang siya. We still have our Board of Directors intact, and when the late Marichu Maceda died, Ms. Boots Anson-Roa replaced her position as among the Board of Directors of Mowelfund. I, in turn, filled-in the vacancy of being the head of Mowelfund."


Other plans of Mr. Rez Cortez for this undying institution (Mowelfund) is to preserve the Film Archives and other memorabilias, collections, clippings, old 35mm movie cameras, treasures, and all- that Mowelfund has kept and valued. It's now stored in an air-conditioned room and will be used as educational materials for future film artists, most especially the new breed of future filmmakers.



"We also have some Master Classes online that started since last month of October", Rez added-on saying. "And it will end until February of 2021. Raymond Red held his master classes for Cinematography, Joey Reyes for Directing, Ricky Lee for Scriptwriting and Gina Alajar for Acting. So far, the reception was good and we're planning to extend it until the mid part of 2021."


An early Christmas treat for all Mowelfund members is also being planned. Amidst the many natural calamities and the Covid-19 pandemic, Mowelfund will continue to inspire many film workers.


"We're much happier to give than to receive," Rez Cortez said. "Every Filipino film worker deserves to be treated well. Mowelfund will never let their spirits down."

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