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Jaime Licauco: Lucban, indeed, is a mystical land

Dr. Jaime Licauco, the tireless man of inner philosophy on Lucban, the mystical land  

When we got to have a scheduled audience with parapsychologist Dr. Jaima Licauco on cam we sent him a list of possible questions prior to the interview including these: (1) From an erudite spiritualist’s point of view, what are the sources and implications of Lucban, Quezon’s current problems like indiscriminate throwing of garbage, diminishing coolness of Mount Banahaw, political bickering etc? (2) What can the spiritual elements—which seem to have powers to solve problems—do to some of the environmental and social concerns of Lucban, Quezon? (3) What can the people of Lucban, Quezon do to mitigate some of its problems like environmental and socio-political problems?

Dr. Jaime Licauco expresses the process of mysticism

Boy, I am not from Lucban, Quezon and I don’t have anything to do with its local government and its residents,” cautioned Dr. Licauco. “Let’s just focus on mysticism and other paranormal behavior,” he advised. “Okay,” we quickly gave in. But still, we were able to ask him this: “You have been to Mount Banahaw and Lucban, Quezon is at its foot, what is your take that Lucban is a mystical land?” “Yes!” he said without batting an eyelash.“Lucban, Quezon is such a mystical land,” the famous hypnotherapist and paranormal consultant added. But he was referring to the side of Mount Banahaw where geographically the town has dominion.

Dr. Jaime Licauco: Mystical Tourism, anyone?

He acknowledged that the town of Lucban has a jurisdiction over some parts of the mountain because it lies at its foot. “I’ve been to Mount Banahaw many times especially in the early days when there wasn’t electricity yet in the mountain,” Licauco informed.“Oh! There were a lot of mystical occurrences in Mount Banahaw. D’yan ako nakakita ng Unidentified Flying Objects, UFOs, yes. Ang dami. Grabe (I was able to see UFOs. There were many of them. Wow!),” he recalled.

“Actress Dina Bonnevie is a believer of mysticism”—Dr. Jaime Licauco

At the time he was with a movie and television actress. “I was with Dina Bonnevie at the time. Dina is one celebrity who values mysticism. She knows a lot about it. As a matter of fact, she attended my lectures and seminars on inner mind development,” confirmed Dr. Licauco who still runs and manages the Inner Mind Development Institute in Makati Ciy.

The Filipino parapsychologist said that he went into trance whenever he was in Mount Banahaw and could speak through a medium which could foretell what would happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

It requires deeper reading and finding meanings in mysticism

He said that Mount Banahaw is indeed a sacred place where spirits are living in and watching over the natural attributes of the mountain. Sadly, he sighed many of the spirits were disappointed and disillusioned about men’s cruelty on nature especially the special natural gifts of the mountain. “Sayang. Pinagsasamantalahan kasi ng marami ang lugar. May mga walang modo na nagpuputol ng kahoy. ‘Yong iba, inaalis ang balat ng mga kahoy (What a pity! Many are taking advantage of the place. There are reckless and careless people who just cut off trees indiscriminately. Others are peeling off the bark of trees),” lamented the spiritualist shaking his head.

“May mga nagkukunwaring mga spiritual healers tapos, nagsasamantala lang ng mga bagay sa bundok (There are fake spiritual healers who take advantage of the things the mountain has),” he added.

Dr. Jaime Licauco listens intently to his audience reactions

It’s good, he said, that the national and local governments had barred massive exodus in the mountain until it is restored to its original calmness and grandeur.

Mt. Banahaw is indeed mystical

Mount Banahaw for Licauco is a divine source of natural healing because of its holy water, medicinal plants, mysterious rocks and other mystical properties.“Kaya nga, ang sabi, lumipat na sa ibang bayan ang mga spirits sa Mount Banahaw dahil ang ingay-ingay na ro’n. Nang magka-electricity, lalo na, nagkamusika na at ang ingay-ingay na. Naistorbo na ang mga espiritu (It is even said that the spirits of Mount Banahaw have already gone to other places because it’s already disorderly there. When electricity was installed, there was already loud music and the noise was too much. The spirits were disturbed),” shared Dr. Licauco.

“We should unite to mysticism”—Dr. Jaime Licauco

One of the nearest places the spirits allegedly moved in to was Lucban and Sampaloc, Quezon where there used to be a virginal and idyllic forest bought by a certain businessman and real estate broker named Art Cataquiz of Pateros, Metro Manila.

Dr. Jaime Licauco explains the mysticism of “Lucban, The Mystical Land”

According to Licauco, Art is one of his student graduates, who sought his advice on what transpired when he bought the thirty-hectare property located at Km. 135 and Km. 136 in Lucban and Sampaloc, Quezon. When Cataquiz bought the land, he immediately planted it with variety of trees and other fruit-bearing plants. “But according to Art, all the plants dried up and he didn’t know what happened because as far as he knew, the soil was fertile enough to grow plants,” he echoed Cataquiz.

Believers in the goodness of men

Dr. Licauco said the sprawling tracks of land were acquired for commercial intentions which exactly opposed the real purpose of what the place was all about.Suddenly, the spirits spoke through mediums and intimated to Art that the place had a higher lofty goal—that of a spiritual sanctuary for communion with Nature.“Ang sabi ng medium kay Art, i-develop into something spiritual ang lugar pero wala naman daw siyang pera. Ang sabi ng spirit sa medium, huwag mag-alala sa pera dahildarating ‘yon (The medium told Art that he should develop the place into something spiritual but he said he had no money to do it. The spirit through the medium said he shouldn’t worry about money because it would naturally come sooner than expected),” recounted Licauco.

Celebration of life

“Then, Art received a call from Jollibee Corporation asking him if he could lease out one of his properties in Pateros to build a Jollibee chain,” the doctor added.“Then, another time, it was McDonald’s which also assigned his other property in Pateros for building its store so he already had additional money to develop the forested land,” quipped Dr. Licauco.And the development of the bucolic Lucban and Sampaloc, Quezon sanctuary started and got off the hook.Later, Art named the sacred place Ciudad Verdadero or City of Truth.

The radiance of Mt. Banahaw

Lucban Historical Society President Jojo Rañeses truly acknowledged Ciudad Verdadero as part of Lucban. “’Yong front side po, sa Lucban, at the back, sa Sampaloc,” Jojo affirmed.Yes, Ciudad Verdadero in Lucban is such a mystical site as well.

Commitment is one factor to mysticism

In his Foreword to “Ciudad Verdadero (City of Truth),” Licauco stated: “Places of interest there are: The spring with healing powers, the two mysterious boulders which pulsate with life, the Chartres and Cretan Labyrinth and the UFO landing pad. If one is lucky he or she may see UFOs at night.”



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