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FilCASPro: Its origin, mission, vision and current status

There is a time for everything. A time to be born and a time to die. A time to sow and a time to reap. A time for joy and a time for sorrow.


For FilCASPro, every day that passes by is a time for thanksgiving. Indeed, there is so much to thank for.  


A few years back, FilCASPro was born amidst natural calamities and political turmoil. There were tragedies and conflicts in the countryside. Metro Manila was the center of political power grabbing as politicians continued to quarrel over juicy positions in both houses of Congress.  


But these political controversies and tragedies that had been rocking the country did not deter FilCASPro’s intent to go on to fulfill its mission and vision.    


Fil-Briton filmmaker Jowee Morel gave life to FilCASPro on 01 December 2014, the first day it saw light. After hibernating for a few years due to some inevitable events, it went full blast in May 2018.


Primarily created as an international website for entertainment stories, FilCASPro feels the need to take in more sections for serious narratives and anecdotes to widen its readership. It does not have a guiding statement to follow for its mission. But it does what it deems significant and noteworthy for its readers to know and distinguish from other stories they have read. 


This website is a non-political entity. But it provides glimpses on the cultural and historical development of the country’s regions. It creates friendly environment for friendly people. It narrates the good deeds of some individuals who excelled in their chosen fields of endeavor. It recognizes an individual’s contribution to society. It tells what it sees, narrates how it feels and draws beautiful pictures of beautiful people whose achievements are not for their own interest.  

FilCASPro is just a website, alright. But it has an array of respected and admired journalists from the print and broadcast media. They are a group of prolific writers whose mission is to lift it up to a level of competent channel of communication, but not prejudicial to anyone’s personal or public interest. Their roles and responsibilities vary widely. Some team members are primarily responsible for fundraising, some maintain the brand, while others spend a lot of time writing and publishing stories with relevant content.


Coined from the words Filipino Creative Artists Skilled Professionals, FilCASPro  has not come far yet. But it’s raring to go farther to attain its vision which is to organize a credible channel of information and make it universally accessible and useful. This website also wants to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to know through the stories it posted online.


FilCASPro and us are in a relationship that we value and want to keep. Yet each of us is a separate person with unique needs and the right to meet those needs.


When we were having problems meeting our needs, we try to listen with genuine acceptance to each solution our members laid on the table instead of depending one’s opinion. We also respect their right to choose their own beliefs and develop their own values, provided they are not prejudicial to the mission, vision and interest of the organization.


When their behavior interferes with what the organization must do to get its own needs met, we tell our members openly and honestly how their behavior affects the organization, trusting that they respect its needs and feelings enough to try to change their behavior that is unacceptable to many of us. Whenever a behavior is unacceptable to the organization, we let them to tell it openly and honestly so they can change that particular behavior.


At times when we find that either of us cannot change to meet the other’s needs, we acknowledge that we have a conflict. But instead of resorting to a debate to resolve such conflict, we lay our opinions on the table without the use of power or authority to win at the expense of the other’s losing. 


We respect their needs, but we also want them to respect the organization’s own outlook for the future. So FilCASPro always strives to search for a solution that will be acceptable to all its members, no one will lose, all will win.


FilCASPro is a website, alright. But its members consider it a human being like us. It’s no longer a baby. It does not crawl anymore. It now stands on its own feet and raring to go farther to rebuild our unfulfilled dreams. #

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