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Feels Like Home

Since I started travelling, I have always noticed that different places have different scents and feel. Bohol gave me a feel of freshness, excitement and the feeling of being in a place for the first time but feeling like home.

Chocolate Hills

I was getting tired of the hectic life of Manila when I was convinced by a companion to try a life in Bohol. It was exactly six months following my arrival from London. I was partying too much in the UK that I needed to come home and recharge. At that time, I was looking for a place I could call home. London was home but only when I was studying and working. I longed for a place where I could settle. Koh Samet in Thailand was what I had in mind but learning another language put me off.

Tagbilaran Port

I did not know what to expect of Bohol. I only heard of Bohol from stories of people when I was little. But all I heard were stories, not description of the island. Nothing prepared me as our boat docked in the pier of Tagbilaran City (capital of Bohol). Too much excitement made me feel like I had an out of body experience. It sounds exaggerated but that was how I felt. I lived in Europe and US for twelve years and I only saw a scenic place like that on travel brochures. I have forgotten how amazing Philippines was when I was travelling around. I only remembered bits and pieces of memories of Visayas when we were on holiday when I was small.

Tagbilaran-Dauis Bridge

I did not know where we were going. I was just following my companion. All I knew was we were going to a place called Dauis which is another island that is connected to Tagbilaran City by a long bridge.

Tagbilaran Tricycles

The pier was crowded but not chaotic like in Manila. People were polite. It was in the beginning of summer and blimey the heat was absolutely killing me. We hopped on a tricycle with our bags.

Tagbilaran-Dauis Bridge

The view was out of this world, a total tropical paradise. The water was crystal clear. You can see amazing fishes from the bridge going to Dauis. It was definitely a treat for someone whose life only evolved around parties for a good few years.

Loboc Floating Restaurant

Moving to a new place is not easy. There were loads of things to adjust to. But the warmth of the people made me feel so welcome.

Loboc Floating Restaurant

Moving to Bohol was like moving back home for me.

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