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Discipline is the Key

Discipline has always been an integral part of life, yet too often compromised. In a world full of instant and one-time-big-time circumstances, people becomes a tad irresponsible of the little whatnots.

Living in an island where people know almost every face you meet, self-discipline has slowly been dying. Overfamiliarity has been sickening. In food parks, in movie theaters or even in our own little nooks, pieces of trash left at a corner, or worse, publicly displayed on sidewalks and the like is a trace of slack responsibility. Claygo (Clean As You Go) has never been a thing but should and must have been.

In this world where non-biodegradable commodities are inevitably used, perhaps we can move change by, at least, starting with ourselves being responsible. After all, this dying world is still our home. We should preserve what is ours to pass on to our next generations.

It is a heart-breaking reality that we, humans, are the primary enmity of nature. Some species have slowly been dying away and the greeneries are dwindling every day. I wonder how much better will the world could have been if there are lesser people compared to the extinct animals today. Perhaps, Mother Nature will not be suffering as much as she is today.

In as much as I want to impact the world, my dear island at least, the best I can do (and you too!) is to be responsible enough. We should practice cleaning as we go to preserve what is left of nature. Discipline is the only key. It breaks my heart seeing a once-a-beautiful-spot now turned into a mess because of irresponsibility.

Many a time did I witness such a sad sight in one of our beach lines here in Bohol or even on hilltops. This is disheartening yet inevitably true. People should be convicted of this advocacy because the lack of discipline in humanity is quite alarming these days.

As we value our personal get-ups from the outside, may we also think of our dear home. The way we take care of our planet speaks so much of the persons we are. If only discipline is common nowadays, problems such as this would only be one laugh away and this earth will be a better place to stay.

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