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Belgian-Pinay Melysa Aldiano’s journey to the writing sphere




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Belgian Filipina Melysa Aldiano has an armory of memories both pleasant and nasty. These arsenals are weapons in her daily battle against the threats of melancholia or even ennui; and allies to spawn joy and excitement to set a balancing act and rise above all unnecessary negativities.       


This storage of experiences is also Melysa’s wellspring of words hammering to create inspirational books first “She’s Magic, Too” and followed by “She’s Magic, Always,” both international bestsellers. She’s coming up with her third project “Letters of Love” written by twelve (12) inspiring authors published my Melissa Desveaux


Writing books for Aldiano came only this year and how.


It started when she studied inspirational speaking by reading and later by joining online lessons in various groups which took off in Belgium and spread all throughout Europe and other continents.


“Two years ago, when my transformational journey started, I joined women organizations where they are focusing in businesses and personal developments. Since then, my horizon and circle of friends have not only broadened in Europe but also in the US space, Australian continent and Asia.


“I am no writer, I must say. However, writing was always one of my creative talents during my school days and even after. I would write poems and lyrics of songs as hobbies. I always joined essay writing contests and exercises in the campus,” she narrated in an email reply.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, she is invited to talk in motivational meetings. This paved the way for someone to notice her vivid description of her thoughts and feelings, all in colorful words. She was encouraged to write.


“Writing wasn’t my plan at all, yet it later landed in my path. This was through narrating my story, my life journey to the world to make a global positive ripple effect of impact,” she narrated.


Melysa eventually joined a writing team she has connected in social media and international engagements. They are being referred by a publisher and an editor Melysa was lucky enough to have met.


“I am lucky enough to be so picky to whom I put my energy and time with. By these traits I own, choose wisely who I am connecting and engaging. And through building relationships online and offline, I met the right people who I could and working with as of today,” she shared.



Below is the Q&A with Melysa:


Describe your writing discipline.


“At first, it was difficult for me to write as I haven’t done this in years. Elements, golden ideas and eloquent learning inside my head but couldn’t make it to put it on a paper! So, I have struggled the first times, months. Luckily, I have found a way. I would take a notebook with me in my purse, and wrote down thoughts and words I love or what popped up in my mind, or when I read something that captured my attention.


“Through practice, I have found that I am at my best in the morning hours or during at night! As a night owl I called myself, my creativities works more at night.


Who are your influences in writing?


”I can merely guide, teach and help others solely based on my own experiences! I call this the best life lessons a person could ever have.


“I am focusing now on women, young adults and mothers. By all means, men are welcome, too. I advocate ‘speaking your truth unapologetically,’ ‘turning one’s pain into purpose’ and ‘living celebrating life in purpose’.”


What are your muses in writing?


“I have plenty of them. I can say that I have had a peculiar childhood. Thus, at first I gained the inspiration to start writing from my own life journey. Not realizing that my true reason, which I call my “WHY’s” are my children and my mother. However, beyond my comprehension, I never thought that I could make an impact on many. So, my muses are simply everyone, who is in desperate need of who I have become and what I am today and evolving…”


How is your personal life inter-texting in your works?


“If you have asked me almost two years ago, I wouldn’t be able to answer this question relatedly with my work or not as much elaborated as of today. Too industrial and the environment were focused only on numbers and gaining clients!


“Nonetheless, this had pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and take the steer of my own career, this paved road of opportunity I am walking onto. Now, it drives me more to write and learn and learn more every single day to do it better and simply become a better version of my previous self.”


How is your migration to Europe influential to your writing?


“I would say, living in Europe for more than two decades have taught me a lot! In the Philippines was childhood based, but here in Europe is life. I have been in the darkness as well often enough, hiding in the shadow of myself. I couldn’t get out. But those obstacles I have faced in the past became the catalysts of why I do things now what I am doing. Became the catalysts of what I am today and who I will become tomorrow.”


Has Europe enhanced your writing?


“Yes, I think and it will only be better in the immediate future. As I believe, perfection will lead you to failure, but practice will only make you better!”


Did you have writing classes in Europe?


“Certainly but I haven’t took any classes before regarding with my writings now. All my writings now, book projects and collaborations I am engaged with are simply written coming from my heart space.”


Have you experienced rejections of your manuscripts? If yyes, how did you take them?


“Actually I haven’t experienced it yet. Nobody is spared from adversity as we know. Ironic enough, I am even receiving many offers of book collaborations internationally and even more, offering and pushing me to write my first solo book, my autobiography.”




What are your ultimate plans as a writer?


“I am planning to reach my trenches internationally and certainly including the Philippines. In the near future I would gladly start scribing my first solo book even perhaps a trilogy of my autobiography. Then afterwards, influential books, personal developments and motivational elements. As I strongly believe that, these will help the humanity, regardless of your background and ethnicity. To learn, to grow with yourself, and finding your utmost purpose in life and divine inner strength and peace…”


What is your dream topic for a book?


“I haven’t asked myself this yet. However, I can already say today that I am gaining to write about personal growth and finding your true self…Finding the love that is within, inner peace…Finding your aligned purpose in life…”


What is your take on critics?


 “To learn and improve my creativity and skills in writing. Feedback and critics are crucial to your growth.”


How do you fare with other writers in your territory like in The Netherlands, Austria and other countries in Europe?


 “I write coming from my heart space… I don’t create fiction in my writing skills. I write what I feel, what I see, what I have experienced in all aspects in my life…I elevate and elaborate my uniqueness. I show it to my readers and to the world. Our uniqueness is our power!”


How is the reception of the Filipinos in Europe to your works?


“Working in a public sector corporate world before, I was always the only Filipina. I was accepted and well-respected due to the work quality. I’ve prestige and delivered also the way I eloquently speak the languages.


“With what I do now, as an Author and Speaker, as a start-up entrepreneur, I am even experiencing and receiving lots of respect and confirmation because I dare to step out of my comfort zone. I did have the courage to speak up for myself and for others. I took the less travelled road.”


How does the multiracial reading audience receive your works?


“Very inspiring!  Online readings, such as kindle version. Paperback version can be sent out.”












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