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Another Filipino gives face to the #GalingNgPinoy global drive

I recently logged in to my Facebook account and what did I find in one of my spaces!


It was a shared post from the FB page of Gene Alcantara, a social entrepreneur in London in the United Kingdom. It had a photo of a man wearing a skinhead and brown leather over a cream turtleneck top. He was standing side-by-side with the horse while holding on its halter.


On the left side of the photo was printed #GalingNgPinoy in bold yellow letters and texts on a blue backdrop.


It stated and I quoted in part: “100% Pinoy. Iyan si (This is) Terence Alcantara…”


When I read that Terence is the son of the host of the TV show “Juan EU Konek,” Gene Alcantara, I took interest in the story. It was a very relevant information and newsworthy. That was a narrative too good to be true as it landed on my lap. 


The Alcantaras are newly found friends who were introduced to me by controversial Fil-Briton filmmaker Jowee Morel some years back. The Alcantaras and Jowee navigate around the UK. I first came to know Cynthia Alcantara Barker, a former councilor of the twin boroughs Elstree and Borehamwood in Hertsmere’s political unit of the county of Hertfordshire. 


Cynthia and Gene are siblings who originated from San Pablo City in the Province of Laguna. By that time, it was only Alcantara Barker whom I would always interact with virtually and personally, the latter was actualized when she came to the Philippines three years ago.


But I have been hearing from Morel—among other things—about the active participation in the promotion of Filipinos in the UK by the male sibling Alcantara who was and still is running around in the diaspora with Peps Villanueva, a fellow University of Santo Tomas Arts and Letters alumnus, who went to school and broke bread with Manila journalists Nestor Cuartero and Leo Estonilo.


In the many advocacies and media work, Jowee and I are espousing and sharing in the home front, I came connected with Gene if only in social media especially when his sister had died at the time she was already the Worshipful Mayor of Hertsmere. It was only their brother Ador Alcantara—now based in the US—whom I met personally when he was around with Cynthia.



What I did was to run through the whole story and formed a slant to tackle it. Many Filipinos worldwide are making their mark in the arts like Lea Salonga, Monique Wilson, Rob Schneider, Tia Carere, Lou Diamond Phillips etc. Terence now belongs to this league.


It wasn’t only a scoop it was also an inspirational story among Filipinos. I messaged Gene if I could download photos of Terence from his social media platforms for my stories in print and online. He said he’d advise his son and was thankful for taking time to take notice of the development or something to that effect. I also took the initiative to send a cyberspace message to Terence informing him of my interest to cover him in media.   


Meanwhile, when Morel and I were on FB Messenger chat, I told him I had beautiful, first-hand news on Terence. He told me to ask permission from Gene to gather Terence’s pictures from FB for a www.filcaspro.com story.


Articles in Filipino and English were written on the Alcantara scion although as of this writing, only the latter story has appeared yet. Before this, I ran through the official website of the London-based SUPA Model Management, an elite talent agency which farms out models and endorsers of global enterprises. After a search, Terence was finally identified. There he was under the nomenclature Mainboard. As I noticed, he was the only Filipino in the roster of multiracial personalities.  


Indeed, Terence is a proud Filipino to campaign for the current drive #GalingNgPinoy. According to the art card, he is a pioneer in the field of this kind of endorsement. “Pinoy model Terence Alcantara, the first Filipino to be the face of BMW.”


Yes, your luxury car.


Terence is the new face—the first-ever Filipino—of the all-new X6M of the German invention international campaign in 2020 entitled “Everything but Anything.”


In the Filipino model’s account, he described the latest market product as “625 Break Horsepower + 1000 Hungry Lions Roaring in the engine!”


Having recently celebrated his birthday, clinching the elusive modeling contract was a gift.



The film broadcast ad was already launched that came incidentally in his birthday season and is available on YouTube. Terence was grateful for all the netizens who watched the short movie. “Thank you all for the kind words, for watching and sharing! Been a year since and it has been a crazy life-changing experience! Grateful for all the opportunities & Blessings, to everyone I have met along the way you are never ever forgotten. It’s been a mad roller coaster ride with balancing family and work and would love to share each and every moment of my journey with y’all! Catch latest works on my iG @tetet God Bless and Mabuhay lahat, lahat,” he penned in his FB pages.


He was also thankful to all the creative teams of the ad production.


Meanwhile, in his off-cam self, Terence during his birthday had recalled the happy and meaningful moments with his aunt, Cynthia. He recounted that it was around the same time last year that the late mayor hugged and surprised him as always on his natal day. He said his Tita (a term of endearment to an aunt by blood or by affinity) Cyn brought him bags of fun and surprises, literally and figuratively despite her battle with cancer. He remembered his aunt as a national treasure and a superhero in her leadership and advocacies.



“She set the bar for us all Pinoy and Pinay - immigrants worldwide! Never forget where she came from, always acknowledged her roots and hometown! Proven to us that nothing is impossible if and when you put the hard work in, a fantastic example, a kind friend and family loving human. I dedicate all my birthday wishes to my late great Aunt, best well known as Mayor Councillor Cynthia Alcantara Barker. Thank you for your time with us, you could have offered more to the world. Truly inspirational, you deserve a statue/ monument/ avenue named after you back home. I will help spread your legacy and make the young aware of what you have accomplished on earth. We miss you dearly, always done us proud and we know you are resting up in Heaven pain-free, hanging out with Lolo and Lola, looking down and watching over us. ILY always,” Terence stated in his socmed posts.


Off-cam, too, the young 6’2” Alcantara, according to the art card, “is a hands-on dad to his toddler.”


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