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Homecoming Queen: Cindy Kurleto

As the iconic Cassiopea in GMA’s Encantadia (2005) and Etheria (2006), Cindy Kurleto became a real-life goddess to Filipino fans. But she quit show business at the height of her fame to follow her heart.

The Filipino-Austrian stunner recently came back to the country to endorse the new dietary supplement, Myra Ultimate. In an interview via the brand’s press firm, Cindy recounts her colorful life so far.

This is Cindy in her own words:

Philippines to Peru. I left the Philippines in December 2007 because I fell in love. The person I fell in love with got offered a job abroad and we left for new experiences. We like new adventures. We had that in common, so Peru was our next adventure and that’s where we went and the life there was very different, very beautiful. I have lived in Europe, that’s where I started, and I’ve lived 10 years in Asia, so I was very curious to experience life on another continent and that’s exactly what it was like, very different but very nice.

“Peru has a culinary revolution of sorts going on at the moment. Two out of the top 50 restaurants in the world are in Lima so we ate very well. I did a lot of cooking courses, in-depth cooking. I really enjoy cooking and that’s what I did there. Now, I’m back home in Austria because my dad was very ill, and I wanted to be there for him and I was at the end of his life. We buried him in 2016 and I also gave birth to my second daughter. We are in Austria because it’s a very safe place to raise girls, especially. The capital of Austria, Vienna, is a very small city so I can get around quite easily and it makes it very convenient.

Myra Reaches Out. You have to imagine that I’m very busy with family – in giving birth and raising children and then looking after my dad and burying him. So, I never actually had a time to miss the Philippines. The only time that I started missing the Philippines was after the birth and after burying my dad and co-incidentally how it is with the universe, as soon as you throw your energy out there, the same month, the Myra question came in and for me when things like that happened, you think of something and then the universe answers you, it’s parang meant to be.

“So for me talaga, I then remember Myra when I used to live here and I quickly did a research and saw the previous endorsers were all very wholesome, they all fit into the image of what I would like for myself and so I started then researching even closer about the ingredients of the new Myra Ultimate and it is exactly what covers my concerns because I am 40 now and I look after my kids a lot so I don’t have the time to parang think about myself but I do take supplements. It’s a very easy way for myself to take control over an issue that I was worried about.

Beauty Rituals. I think that beauty is a complete picture. You could be very, very physically attractive but if you’re not satisfied with your life and not content with where you are and you’re not using your full potential, it will show, your dissatisfaction will show. You won’t look beautiful anymore. So to me, beauty is a ull package and that I also like to eat healthy, live healthy. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I like to get my eight hours of sleep, eight glasses of water. I exercise, I yoga, I meditate - that’s what I do to not only be physically beautiful but to feel healthy, to be content with where I am and I think aging gracefully has not only to do with avoiding fine lines but also being content and knowing that you’re doing your best.

Aging and Plastic Surgery. I think that aging gracefully is not contra beauty. If you really think about who the people you find beautiful and really take away all physical attributes, the person you find beautiful is content, satisfied, healthy, has freedom and peace, accepts themselves, maybe have momentum, a little air of mystery, clarity of mind. Those are all the things that are beautiful, that make a person beautiful. And if you think about it, none of that are contra aging. Most of those things actually get more as you grow older. You’re more content of your life. You know what you’re doing. You know what you don’t want. So, I think even though you get older, you can become more beautiful.

You don’t have to be young to be beautiful. And plastic surgery is a topic that I have not explored myself. I am not against it. I think in medicine, we find more and more things that can help us and for example Myra has found this new treatment to add in vitamin E, lycopene, and astaxanthin together and if we wouldn’t be exploring new avenues, we wouldn’t get there so I think as long as it’s not making you look like someone totally different, I think you know, everybody should do what I feel what’s good for them.

On Considering Offers. To be honest with you, until now I never thought about going back to showbiz because I was very in the moment of my own life. I was focused on my kids. I was focused on my dad. We moved to a new country and continent two times when I left showbiz so there was a lot of me to do and I’ve never had the time to miss it but now that I’m back here and I’m busy and doing things and I get professional appreciation, which does a lot to a person for their self-esteem. I do miss it and I realized a lot. I love the creative side of acting, acting together with other actors for a project. I love all of that. I’m never gonna say no to that as long as I can accommodate the well-being of my children and my family.

On Vienna and Visitors. It’s funny that you asked that, because I take Filipinos on tour in Vienna even if I don’t know them. As long as you reach out to me and I have time, I will be proud to show you around because I know that Filipino hospitality is like that. In the ‘60s-’70s, when my mom and I, my mom was a single parent, when a new Filipina will come to town, we will take them in until they found their own apartment. It didn’t matter if they were family or not, that was what a Filipino does for another.

Back in the ‘70s there were so little Filipinos in Vienna, that if you will see someone else on the street, you will nod to them to greet them even if you don’t know them. So, I would take any Filipino around town. Vienna City is very small and from where I live we can actually walk to all the sites and I can show you all the tourist places in the inner city in maybe two hours. I am adept with the background info, how long it has been there, so Vienna is a culturally rich place and I love history so it’s not a problem at all.

And if you’re coming to Vienna, I will take you to the Hofburg, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Schonbrunn Palace, Belvedere Castle. If you have more time and you’re not just interested in sites, I can take you to hiking because I love the mountains. The mountains are very safe because if you go hiking in Canada or the States, you have to think about snakes, scorpions, leopards but in Austria you won’t come across on a normal hike really dangerous animals.

On Touring the Philippines. Where would I take my family in the Philippines if I had more time to tour the country? I will take them everywhere. I think I’ll bring them to the beach because my two daughters love the water, but I believe my biggest regret that I have about leaving the Philippines was I didn’t get to spend so much time in the provinces because the city is, you know, interesting and exciting, it is where the work is, but I find the Philippine province seven more beautiful, so so beautiful. And it doesn’t matter if it’s Baguio or Boracay or Palawan or Siargao, I would like to see it all again.

On Keeping in Touch. Thanks to social media. It is so much easier to stay in contact with everyone. Pretty much everyone that I was close to when I was still here, I still keep in touch. Maybe as not as regular as before but when I see their certain milestones or birthdays, weddings, I contact them, I reach out and they do the same. Whenever I come here, I have a feeling of still belonging in coming home because people will make time to go on dinner, lunches, and make me feel welcome and I don’t take it for granted at all. I’m very grateful for that. I think it comes back to us being Filipinos.

A Busy Woman. Being a wife and a mother is a double full-time job and if I was gonna be busy aside from it, I was busy with self-love, meditation, yoga, gym, hiking and also researching on nutrition and what recipes or food that’s good for my body and for my family. It all ties again with being a mother. I think becoming a mother has shifted my priorities, so I am not so focused on making a business or making money. I am more focused on creating good memories and a healthy lifestyle not just for myself but for my family and I take that responsibility very seriously.

On What Else She Likes to Achieve. Everything. Whenever I have an impulse, I am very lucky that I have a partner and a family that support me, so I don’t have to suppress any impulses. If I feel creative and I wanna create something, they will let me, they will give me the time. And I think it goes hand in hand with them knowing that if they need something from me, I will take the time. What do I want to achieve? I wanna move again, I wanna decorate again, I wanna write a book, I wanna make a movie, I wanna have a YouTube channel. You know, everything!


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