Ymmanwel Rico Provinio

And the winner is...

Tabloid Writer, Broadsheet Writer, Filmmaker

(Ymmanwel Rico Provinio aka Raffaell C*Orotyerro)


1)    Worked as an Employment Personnel Supervisor (US Federal Employee)  in the US Naval Base, Subic Bay: recruited, processed, employed and trained personnel in the various US facilities


2)    Worked as a Promotion & Marketing Supervisor in the Asian Institute of Tourism, University of the Philippines and a Promo-Marketing Consultant of Manila Mandarin: promoted, strategized, marketed and sold  the services of the 5-star hotel and a 4-year bachelor of science course


3)    Studied, trained and worked as a Landscape Architectural Designer


4)    Pioneered and managed an export company: founded and managed an export company, conceptualized and produced prototypes, and the actual orders  of decorative and gift items abroad


5)    An Editor-In-Chief of two weekly magazines of lifestyles and entertainment for over ten years and journalist since late 1988


6)    Promo & Marketing Consultant of Shang-rila Cinema under the directorship of the Theater Manager, Mr. Eden Tolentino, who was a colleague of SM, Ayala, Rockwell & Gateway movie exhibitor-honchos, Alex Lavinia, Roger De Leon and Mr. Atacador


7)    Public Relations/Publicist of films for film distributors (JEMAH, Miramax, Warner Bros., UIP, Paramount, Universal,  MGM, Dreamworks, and presently, for Solar Films (English films), also in the Sinag Maynila Film Festival 2016


8)    Directed, wrote and produced shorts films for  the UP Film Center (earlier) and College of Mass Communications (later on) in the University of the Philippines


9)    Directed, wrote and produced a short film for the Institute of Audio-Visual in the University of Santo Tomas



10) Wrote, Photographed and Published a coffee-table-book cum reference book, Arts and Architecture (in progress)


11) Had six (6) group art exhibits with artist, Nemiranda and with the National Commission for the Culture & the Arts


12) Founder and President of the one-of-a-kind organizations, FilGreats Society, Inc. and Asian Institute of Modern Arts, Inc., non-stock non-profit organizations, which render free seminars and trainings on the 7 disciplines of arts, on culture, environment and entrepreneurship


13) Wrote screenplays for the screenwriting workshops of Film Development

Foundation of the Philippines (Nestor Torre, teacher), ABS-CBN (Ricky

 Lee, teacher), and found writing-cinema (Bing Lao, teacher)


14) Directed, wrote and produced a short film, "Yapak" under Brillante Mendoza’s Film Workshop


15)  Active member of PEN (playwrights, poets, essayists and novelists)


16)  Recipient of the Palanca for Literature Award for DulangPampelikula


17)  The Creative Consultant of the documentary film," AM-AMMA", also in the

 feature film, " Ang Lalakeng May Dalawang Adam's Apples"



            Raffaell C*Orotyerro/Ymmanwel Rico Provinio has been extensively trained, exposed and worked in the fields of employment, management, product concept, design and productions,  also promotions and marketing among the bests and revered corporations and institutions.

            He has been schooled, trained and worked in the fields of landscape architectural-interior arts, visual arts, literary arts and cinema arts. He is a rare breed think-tank person, also a disciplined, creative professional. Indeed, he is a “Renaissance Man”.

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