Philippines Europe Chambers of Commerce

Press Release



The P.E.C.C. is a platform for Filipino Entrepreneurs in Europe who Believe in service first, who wants to Belong in one collaborative community with integrity, fairness, honesty and supportive environment so we Become the world class businesses who bridge Philippines to Europe and rest of the world.




To be the best and supportive business network for Filipinos in United Kingdom and Europe.




·      To create 1,000 World class Filipino Enterpreneurs by 2020 through training, collaboration, joint ventures, and personal development.

·      To encourage Filipinos to raise their profile in the world of business where they Believe that they can compete in global market.

·      To promote training and education in personal development, skills set, financial management and business development.

·      To bridge Filipino business owners across various industries so they can create a robust internal market within the Chambers.

·      To provide a simplified resource on government policies, trade, commerce, taxation, import/exports and other related business information specific to members.

·      To strive to be an effective and efficient organization that delivers practical support to its members.

·      To provide networking opportunities through the business and social events that we organise.

·      To provide opportunities to members to promote their brand or business to the P.E.C.C. community and its affiliates.

·      To provide support in sourcing funding for the members business.

·      To open doors of business opportunities between Philippines, Europe and the rest of the world.

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