Chloris Bolivar Flint

Chief Financial Officer


I am a Chartered Accountant with experience in UK Taxation (advisory, planning and compliance).
I have a solid background in Retail, Tax Investigation, Strategy and Planning, tax risk management and SAO reporting, VAT, Import/Export VAT, Customs Duties, Capital Allowances, corporation tax compliance, financial appraisal, Change Management and business restructuring. I managed to build a great rapport with HMRC team by mutual co-operation, fair negotiations and collaborative process which resulted to the Group’s Low Risks rating,

My innate abilities and dedication to a given task resulted to not only improved procedures in the area of my responsibilities but contribution to cashflow. A significant part of my role is in managing financial and tax risks for the Group of Companies. I am logical, analytical and commercially minded hence I tend to look at situation with long-range planning and strategy.

I gained my experiences across various industries such as Railways, Banking, Retail, Real Estate, Insurance in 3 different countries (Philippines, Nigeria and UK). The exposure to different cultures provides a platform for my awareness of human interaction within the corporate environment coupled with training in NLP and other personal development courses such as coaching and mentoring.

In a nutshell, I am a well-rounded accountant with a personality that would be a valuable member of a team.

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