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Producer, Director, Writer

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American Beginnings of Philippine Cinema (2012)

Cross Currents: Journey to Asian Environments (2012)

Cine>Sine: Spanish Beginnings of Philippine Cinema (2012)

Pedrong Palad (2000)

Mother Ignacia – Ang Uliran (1998)

Private Wars (1997)

Sex Warriors and the Samurai (1996)

Isaak (1994)

Continuing Lives: Women of the Bases (1993)

Memories of Old Manila (1993)

Tuklas-Sining: Philippine Cinema, 1960 – Present (1992)

Ynang-Bayan: To Be a Woman Is to Live at a Time of War (1991)

A Legacy of Violence (1990)

Let This Film Serve as a Manifesto for a New Cinema (1990)

Homage (1987)

Revolutions Happen Like Refrains in a Song (1987)

Beyond the Mainstream (1986)

Children of the Regime (1985)

Oliver (1983)

Four Artists in France (1982)

Atomika (1981)

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