Melvin Montezon

Location Manager, Researcher, Ex-deal Coordinator

  • Full Name: Melvin Montezon

  • Management: Montezon Management

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Sunday Pinasaya (2015-2017)

Trail Blazer & Lets Fiesta (2010-2015)

Regional TV and Festivals (2010-2015)

Manny Many Prizes (2011-2012)

Wachamakulit (2010)

Laf En Roll (2010)

“Darna” Marian Rivera (2009-2010)

Cool Center (2009-2010)

SRO Cinema Serye (2009)

Full Force Nature and Outrageous& Courageous (2009-2010)

World Records (2008)

Kung Ako Ikaw (2007-2008)

The Sweet Life with Lucy Torres (2007)

Walang Tulugan with the Master Showman (2006-2007)

Bahay Mo Ba ‘To? (2005-2007)

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