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Every film scene needs its enfant terrible, and there is no question that in Cebu that role is taken up by Keith Deligero. While the creativity that Cebu is injecting into Filipino cinema is being accomplished collectively by the diverse wealth of Cebuano filmmakers, Deligero is creating work that is independent and uncompromising in the strict sense of both of those terms.

Deligero creates feature-length works that are composed of illicit images and a harsh pastiche of metal, punk and other sonic disturbances. Hard-cutting and black comedy take precedent over any contemplative cinematography or static narrative.

Deligero divides his time between working on industrials and commercials while working on his own films and organizing the Binisaya film festival.



Babylon (2017)

Lily (2016)

Iskalawags (2013)

Kordero sa Dios (2012 – 2013)

Baboyngirongbuang (2010)

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