Robert Silverio

Movie Journalist

Tabloid Writer, PR, Blogger

Robert Silverio is a freelance entertainment writer. He started his movie writing career at a young age of seventeen in fanzines. It was an accidental fan mag writing when he tagged along to Baguio City with his veteran komiks novelist and movie scribe dad, Rino Fernan Silverio, to meet up Inday Badiday, the local tinseltown’s so-called Queen of Gossip Shows. Because of this meeting, Robert was able to write a story about Inday and submitted it and saw print in Movie Flash Magazine which was edited by the late Mar de Guzman Cruz. After several articles Silverio wrote, he was offered by Kuya to be a regular staff writer of the magazine. During his writing stint in fanzines, he was also one of the publicists of celebrities like Ricky Reyes, Melanie Marquez and the late Maryo J. de los Reyes. Robert was also affiliated with Richard Gomez, Robin Padilla and Snooky Serna.

For a while, he was a movie columnist for Balita and Bomba. After writing for tabloids, Robert ventured into blogging. Now he is focused on theater people, radio personalities, models, singers and actors writing about them in his blog site: In between, he conducts acting workshops in Nueva Ecija, Metro Manila and for modeling agencies in the country.